Sometimes a planet must die before it is discovered…

Exodus from the dying Earth began with the flight of the worm-mole ship, Alpha Horizon, to a fortuitously discovered planet, Ostara. En route, mass hallucinations are rampant and sights once familiar become nightmarishly strange. When they reach Ostara, emotions and identities begin to fray for in what was supposed to be an uninhabited wilderness, the new settlers discover a race of native people who look remarkably human.

Pots Kahn-Anderson, a pilot in the elite Crone Squad, successfully navigated her people through the stars, yet she struggles to find her place in this new society. Pilot Pots interacts with the natives, thereby creating an adversary in the military commander, Gunner Dovmont, who sees them as a threat. Pots and Tyr, a mysterious young man with dangerous secrets of his own, befriend a young native girl who believes her tribe cannot be harmed. When the girl’s protectors prove to be more than a myth, the settlers find themselves lost in the border between illusion and reality.

Undazzled is available on Amazon in PRINT and on KINDLE


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