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New Release: Coyote Dad Gets Hacked

June 8, 2017


A good book to take to the beach! In this modern David-and-Goliath tale, an average guy proves that giants are seldom as powerful as they appear. Travis Wiles thought he escaped his troubled past. He’s deeply in love with his wife, Lara, and is the proud father of two children, Madison and Jamie. To connect […]


January 3, 2017


If you like creepy chillers, check out Longhorn

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

November 27, 2015


To learn of Africa, I explored folk tales, which form the root of civilization’s culture.¬† A helpful book was Indaba, My Children. The author, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, is an interesting gentleman who wants to bridge the chasm between peoples. I was able to gain a sense of him from this video.      

Bats in the Cotton Tree

September 27, 2015


WIP Research: The Cotton Tree in Freetown

September 13, 2015


When Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davis arrived in Freetown in 1862, one of the first sites she visited may have been the famous Cotton Tree. This tree, which still stands in the center of town, is believed to be the one under which the town’s founders rested and prayed after landing in Freetown in 1787.The founders […]

777 Writer’s Game

September 9, 2015


Thank you, L.K. Evans for including me in this game of tag. The prompt is to “post 7 lines from a page number ending in 7 from one of my works-in-progress, as well as tag 7 other authors to participate in the game.” I can do that. My WIP is A PRINCESS AMONG THORNS AND […]

WIP Research: The slave trade

July 12, 2015


A Princess Among Thorn and Thistle begins in 1862. The transfer of slaves from Africa was largely reduced. This¬† is an animation to show ships that transported enslaved Africans from the mid-1500s to 1860. The British Empire passed the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833 which ended slavery throughout the British Empire, except for the ‘territories’–where […]