Alexios, Before Dying

Alexios, Before Dying

1924. In New York City, an eleven year old girl with symptoms of synesthesia befriends a street performer. They dream of rivaling Houdini until the magician endangers them both by stealing wrist watches.

1984. In Mexico, a dying woman wanders lost in the desert. She encounters a shaman, a delirious New York artist, ransom-seeking desperadoes, an unlikely villain, a dolphin, and an Aboriginal spirit named Boonga.

2004. In Saudi Arabia, an American graduate student with schizophrenia forgoes medication so that she may use her ‘gift’ – the ability to experience historic events. Psychotic symptoms emerge as the man she loves lures her into the hands of slave traders.

Each story continues on a wild ride into afterlives, fraught with challenges both familiar and unexpected, such as a flying space turtle, a gigantic goddess, bickering angels, and a splintered ego. All threads lead to a monumental after-afterlife where questions are answered and the unity of existence is fulfilled.

Alexios, Before Dying is available in print and Kindle on Amazon


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