New Release: Coyote Dad Gets Hacked

Posted on June 8, 2017


A good book to take to the beach!

In this modern David-and-Goliath tale, an average guy proves that giants are seldom as powerful as they appear.


Travis Wiles thought he escaped his troubled past. He’s deeply in love with his wife, Lara, and is the proud father of two children, Madison and Jamie. To connect with Jamie, who has autism, Travis created the Coyote Dad Channel which features videos of Travis pulling pranks on family and friends.

The Coyote Dad Channel goes viral and brings much needed income to the struggling family. That is, until a thin-skinned Steven Volkov, a bad influence from Travis’ past, is intent on revenge. Steven’s goal is to lure his ex-protege back into a life of crime. Steven hacks the Coyote Dad Channel and uploads videos of Coyote Dad performing criminal acts. With the police on his trail, Travis must leave his family and settle the score with Steven.

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