Dark Matter Tiding wins IndieReader Approval

Posted on December 29, 2014


Excerpt from IndieReader’s review:

The Earth is being bombarded by a tidal wave of dark matter, which is causing outbreaks of psychosis that threaten to overwhelm the human race. In the midst of this, Camera Hence is horrified to find that her pet engineering project has been used to kill innocents, and that her company is celebrating – so she commits a terrible act of revenge. Fleeing home to her family ranch, she finds her father dying, and must hold the ranch together while hunting for her brother Nathan, its legal owner. But Nathan has gotten involved with some very dangerous people, in particular a psychopathic would-be film star and vampire queen named Kikko who is trying to pressure Nathan into selling the ranch to fund her movie. Camera is forced to defend her family and her home against the growing madness of the world outside, with the help of physicist Rosita White Feather and Rosita’s grandson Duane. But can she come to terms with her own guilt, avoid giving in to the insanity herself, and still protect those she loves?

DARK MATTER TIDING might be confusingly complicated if written by a less-skilled author, but author Chance Maree deftly draws all the component parts together to create a chilling impression of chaos, madness, and anarchy closing in around Camera and her loved ones. The book is full of action and life, with characters that are interestingly flawed in ways that are only accented by the growing dark matter insanity. Quirky situations, vivid descriptions of people and places, and the author’s wry humor enliven the book, and the plot’s building intensity keeps interest alive until the book’s cliffhanger ending.

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IndieReader Review of Dark Matter Tiding

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