Review of The Least Envied, by Sean DeLauder

Posted on December 21, 2014


After reading the first few pages of The Least Envied, I knew this story was going to be special. The opening plopped me into the world—I felt the grit in my teeth and sensed the heat on my face. The immediate danger in the form of Wogs quickly drew me in. This was an unusual world, somewhat similar to ours, but where we are reluctant visitors. And we have a mission.

Intriguing characters are introduced. Some appear commonplace—like retired men sitting outside a five-and-dime, except these folks hang out on rooftops. From these old coots, our dive into philosophy begins. The first topic, and one that drives much of the story, centers around the concept of heroes—who they are, how we choose them, and what makes heroes different from ordinary folks. But the story doesn’t stop at simple answers, nor single questions; making one’s way in the world is far more complex. This is an adventure full of mystery, trials, and self-discovery.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this work is the humor. Sean DeLauder continues his wry style that won my admiration in The Speaker for the Trees . The characters are often fantastical, and their dialogue spot on perfect wit. DeLauder is a master of quirk.
The Least Envied (Songs Unsung, #2)

Essentially, what begins as a mission to record the life of one small boy turns into a desperate struggle to save the world. One can, of course read it as an intriguing story that readers of any age will enjoy, but connections to current issues are evident for adults. In fact, I can envision a parent reading this story to their child, much like Lord of the Rings has been read for generations, and then that child will reread it in adolescence, and again, in adulthood, read it to their own offspring. Subjects are brought up and discussed in a way that initiates discussion—such as taking personal responsibility for one’s actions.

The journey here is long, allowing the reader to become immersed in a strange and fascinating world. I quite admire the talent and effort required to produce such a manuscript. I recommend that you go ahead, treat yourself and begin the journey. It’ll leave you exclaiming, over and over again, “Amazeballs!”

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