Launch Celebration!

Posted on March 18, 2013



“I’m tired of my human disguise.”


My friend posted that line on Facebook last year. It led me to imagine, what if everyone felt that way? What if one day, none of us wore our human disguise to work, to school, to the coffee shop? And, what if, where ever we turned, not one human face was in sight? Therein, a story dwells…

Before my friend was deployed overseas, I asked if he wouldn’t mind my borrowing his words to write a novel around. With his consent, Undazzled has been written and is now published. My friend is safe, back in the States. I’ll send him a copy soon, and can only hope that he’ll enjoy it.

Undazzled is a science fiction novel—futuristic, with interplanetary travel, and all that. Whereas my first novel, Alexios, Before Dying, explores the collective consciousness, Undazzled focuses on differentiation. Both approaches advocate that much of what we see and experience in this life is illusion, tricks upon the eye and mind—the basis of which allows each approach a measure of truth. But that’s my take, the characters and plot speak for themselves, and to everyone differently.

So, this post is my online whoopee—a new novel has been launched and after all the writing, scheming, rewriting, and doling outrageous torture upon a professional editor (special thank you to Ashley), the story is finally out of my hair. If you’re interested, it’s available in print and kindle on Amazon, or in a multitude of formats on Smashwords.

To all my Facebook and Goodreads friends: I’d be quite honored to exchange an electronic copy for an honest review.

Please, everyone, raise a glass of and join me in a clink of cheers.

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